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The indexing and observational activities in my practice lead me to transcribe letters, interviews, pdfs, and song lyrics into scripts. These items are stored informally and the collection continues to build over the years. It consists of personal recorded conversations and artifacts, vinyl record albums and film, clothing, collected identification cards, diplomas, college lecture tapes, academic texts, dvc tapes, empty billfolds, and torn family photographs, materials that render subjects through bureaucratic data. In the past I used this material to create narrative drawing and paintings. I am now slowly authoring these sources into mini-scripts and performances that offer a political-is-personal testimony. My drawing and painting has become a way for me to sketch visual platforms for my scripts, like storyboards.

Expanded documentation and lecture performances are activities that give my work form. The act of research gives me a sense of access and helps me expose pre-programmed, inherent mechanisms of power, control, or violence. Through this process I learn and discover remarkable moments of healing and recuperative practices, inventions of new-selves where I see the future emerge.

Harpo Files: Baseera Khan Vimeo Page

03_Brothers and Sisters, 2014-Ongoing

04_Hochbunker, 2014-Ongoing

05_Prisoner of Love, 2015-Ongoing

06_Saying Goodbye, 2016-Ongoing

10_Planet Fitness, 2016-Ongoing

The Cube as Sound Booth